Fate/Grand Order Progression Guide


FGO is easy at its core when comparing to other mobile games. However, a new player may get lost in the amount of things that you can do while progressing. As such this is my attempt to write a guide that aims to show a new player the ways he could progress without going too much into details.

I highly suggest perusing this website: http://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/guide_faq.php for some basic stuff as well as the rest of the site for detailed information about menus, servants, craft essences, etc. I will not explain how the game works as it has been already covered extensively by other sources.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!

However it has been suggested, and I do feel it is necessary to mention, to remind everyone to bind their accounts! This will prevent you from losing your account. Have you bound your account yet? If not, do it right now. You’ll save yourself from despair (outside of the gacha). Once you do that, come back here.

Table of Contents

  1. Servants
    1. Rerolling
    2. Rolling for servants
    3. Acquiring supports
    4. Raising servant levels
    5. Raising servant skill levels
    6. Noble Phantasm
    7. Fou cards
  2. Craft Essences
    1. Choosing your craft essence
    2. Leveling CEs
    3. Ascending CEs
  3. Team Composition
    1. Factors to keep in mind
    2. Common team patterns
  4. Events
  5. Resources
  6. Initial Progression (Fuyuki to Septem)
  7. Middle Game (Okeanos to America)
  8. Late Game (Camelot to Final Singularity)
  9. Post Part 1 (Epic of Remnant and onwards)
  10. FAQs
  11. Glossary


The main mechanic of this game boils down to your team of servants. You can acquire them from rolling on event gachas, the story gacha, or the friend point gacha.

The Event Gacha is ideally what you’ll be rolling on very often. It will always feature a servant with a rate-up (meaning you are more likely to get that servant if you manage to get that rarity), and sometimes it is also a limited one.

The Story Gacha is a mix of servants available on the pool with the addition of story-exclusive servants you unlock after finishing a chapter. It is not recommended to roll on this gacha due to the high variance. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t let me stop you.

Last is the Friend Point Gacha which is essentially the “free” gacha. You can roll on it using Friend Points you can earn doing quests and if other players use your servants as support. This gacha is the only way to acquire 1* and 2* servants. There is also a low chance of acquiring 3* servants and craft essences here. You get a free 10-part pull every day so don’t forget to do that as well.


If you are starting your own account, you will get a free 10-pull from the gacha. This gacha doesn’t include SSR servants, but gives you one guaranteed SR servant from its pool. If you want the absolute best servant to start out with, I will suggest rerolling for Heracles (Berserker). He will let you steamroll a good part of the early story missions and make your life easier in grinding overall. Berserkers are strong against all classes (although 1.5x damage instead of 2x) but are weak against them as well. Heracles is recommended due to having an exceptional attack stat for a 4* and survivability as well (Dodge skill and Guts skill on higher levels).

Feel free to settle on any servant that strikes your fancy as one of the main points of this game is using the servants you like.

Rolling for servants

Now that you have done your first roll, you might have acquired some 3* R servants as well (or a 2nd SR if you’re really lucky). You will want to have a good initial roster of servants. If you are somehow a rich person that wants to get all the SSR servants by buying a lot of quartz, do not bother yet. Since you are still at a low master level, you have a low servant capacity as well. This limits the servants you can bring into your team as servants have a cost associated to them depending on their rarity.

You want to build an initial team consisting of Mashu (your first servant with 0 cost), your first SR servant, and a support servant (we’ll discuss that later).

You will also want some other servants to fill in your weaknesses on other missions. Unless you rolled a strong initial servant like Heracles, you might want to cover your weaknesses and have multiple teams. Here are some recommended 3* servants and below that you would want to consider getting for the early game:

Caesar (Saber)
A strong servant and a good early game carry due to his Charisma skill (increases party attack) and single target NP. Valuable early game specially when you don’t have sabers.

Cu Chullain (Lancer)
A top performer in all stages of the game due to his survivability. Has dodge, Guts (1-time revive), and debuff cleanse. Single-target NP that has a low chance to instantly kill as well.

David (Archer)
A good budget archer that can increase your whole team’s survivability due to his 2nd skill (1-time Dodge skill each). Also has Charisma and a single target NP.

Ko Gil (Archer)
If you need a budget AoE NP archer, then Ko Gil is a good choice due to his skills. Arash might be a better choice for a nuke, but Ko Gil doesn’t need to kill himself for it.

Robin Hood (Archer)
A good nuker and generally good archer overall. Make sure to use Poison debuff before using the NP for the bonus damage.

Ushiwakamaru (Rider)
Charisma skill, Tengu Tactics (NP gain up), and good nuker. Still relevant on later stages due to her NP upgrade.

Euryale (Archer)
An easy-to-acquire anti-male servant. She even outshines servants like Orion when you are aiming to destroy male enemies in general. She might not be that useful early on, but do consider leveling her up when you get her.

Medusa (Rider)
A more critical-oriented rider with a Stun skill. Can buff herself for the NP turn and gains the ability to charge her own gauge.

Alexander (Rider)
An alternative rider with AoE NP and decent skills. Charisma, a somewhat decent Charm, and a three-turn Quick card buff you get his strengthening.

Medea (Caster)
Best single target NP caster outside of gold servants. Can spam her NP and it comes with the bonus of removing enemy buffs.

Kotarou (Assassin)
Good assassin with decent star generation (for critical hits). Also has a targeted Dodge skill (which is rare)

Hassan of a Hundred Faces (Assassin)
Good assassin overall for a 3*. Has good survivability skills and can buff herself. Arts based NP and two Arts cards in her deck allows her to somewhat spam her NP.

Lu Bu (Berserker)
Good early game Berserker if you don’t have Herc. Can buff himself both in attack and defense.

Kiyohime (Berserker)
Good AoE NP Berserker for farming if you don’t have golds. Defense down is risky to use but helpful when you know what you are doing.

Hans (Caster)
A very good support servant even in the late stages of the game. His skills are oriented towards increasing party critical damage and can charge the gauge himself for a turn-1 NP if you have starting NP gauge CE equipped. NP gives HP regen with a chance for attack and defense buff.

Hassan of the Cursed Arm (Assassin)
Decent star generation and survivability. A higher-than average instant kill NP as well. Very easy to acquire as well.

Arash (Archer)
Arash as a 1* servant is a special case. He has an AoE NP that kills himself but it is very powerful. His main purpose is to suicide bomb a strong Saber or Berserker enemy. Make sure you know what you’re doing. You can use him for farming or getting over a hurdle. If Arash is the last one alive and he uses his NP, it is considered as a loss.

Spartacus (Berserker)
Spartacus is actually a good farming berserker and very easy to get. His AoE is NP and it ignores defense. He’s not too good outside of farming so consider him if you don’t have access to an AoE NP berserker early on.

Acquiring supports

When you do missions, you will always go through a screen that asks you to select a support. Your support slot is in your 3rd one by default (it can be moved but keep it there for now). This is the primary way to build your friend list. Supports that are not in your friend list locks out their Noble Phantasm (their ultimate move, NP for short) and so you want to build a good list of friends so that you may have access to stronger servants that can carry you through the early parts of progression.

Make sure you also set your supports to at least communicate that you are an active player. I highly suggest changing your All slot to the SR servant you acquired, and just set your other slots to whoever your favorite servant is at the start.

It is important as well to choose which support servants you will want to have access to. Make sure to sort the list by level to see the strongest ones on top. Here’s a list of servants you will want to try and get into your friends list:

* EN/NA Alert: As of the moment, a lot of the mentioned servants below are unavailable. If you are playing on EN, tl;dr look for these servants: Heracles and mostly any gold Berserker, Arturia or Arturia Alter, Waver (future-proofing).

DPS Carries

I would say Cu Chulainn and Kintoki (Berserker) are gonna be top of the list, specially on early game. Cu Chulainn has higher survivability while Kintoki has higher burst damage. In general most 5* Berserkers are good supports, but these two have the capability to be excellent at all stages of the game. Another is Heracles who does so much for a 4*, specially if he has gotten his bond CE (it allows him to revive 3 times!). Also consider Ibaraki as well as a more team-oriented berserker.

Outside of Berserkers, you want to have at least 1 single target NP servant per class. Sabers have Okita and Nero Bride, both of which excel at their respective niches. Miyamoto excels with a unique skill that doubles the hits of her attacks. Lancelot (Saber) is also very powerful for a 4* by being a crit machine and a somewhat spammable NP.

Lancer has Scathach to let you deal with divine-traited servants or most archers overall. Tamamo (Lancer) has an anti-male NP so she’s a good alternative to Scathach. Brynhilde is also notable for having bonus damage to specific servants, although rare to find.

Arturia (Archer) can spam her NP, Shinjuku Archer has high damage output and debuffs the enemy with his NP, and Orion can help you deal with male servants if you don’t have Euryale or haven’t built her up yet. Chloe is also notable for her good skills and being mostly available with a level 5 NP. Euryale might be someone good to find if you haven’t leveled her yourself.

Jack the Ripper is the best assassin at the moment for being able to provide high crit stars, mostly spammable anti-female NP, and buff removal. You can also try to get a Shiki (Assassin), King Hassan (buster-based assassin), or Carmilla.

Ozymandias is both good in DPS and support so you might want to get him if possible. Kintoki (Rider) is overpowered for a 4* and has a very high-damaging NP based on overcharge (and he’s usually available with NP5). Having access to him is also good.

Sanzang is currently the best single target NP for casters so you might also want to consider her. Ilya is notable for having a NP nuke but can be harder to use once she uses it.

We only have a few avenger class servants and the reason why you would want them is one thing: to hit things hard and to get rid of Ruler-class enemies. Take note that while they do not have class disadvantages, they are still glass cannons.

The most notable among what we have is Jeanne Alter and she has a great kit to carry your team if you don’t have a berserker. It’s nice if you can try and at least get one available. Take note of the other Avengers as well. They can be good in both hard fights and farming with proper support.

Supportive Servants

These servants increase your team’s capability to deal damage or survive longer. They are more relevant around midgame onwards where fights take longer and having the right setup instead of raw power is more important.

Having access to a high level Waver is almost a requirement as he allows you trivialize a lot of fights in the game. He gives you both offensive and defensive buffs while also giving you a good chunk of NP gauge. Try to prioritize getting him as a support. He’s not hard to look for.

Merlin is currently one of the best supports available, if not the best servant of the game right now. He is good at any fight, and shines the best on longer fights due to his ability to sustain both party offense and defense. He also works best with Buster-based servants due to his buff. Look for one as soon as you can as well.

Tamamo no Mae is another caster who does her job by bringing sustain (HP heal), skill CD reduction, stuns, and increasing Arts card effectiveness.

There are some tanky servants that you might also want to consider, but generally it’s better to just bring someone that can end the fight quickly. You also have Mashu who does a great job of tanking in the first place. In any case, I’ll still mention the tanks that you might want to consider who are D’eon, and Vlad (EXTRA).


For farming, you want to have strong AoE NP servants that can clear mobs quickly. Berserkers are the best class to clear waves if you can finish it in 1-2 turns. Otherwise, you can stick to class advantages.

Consider these for fast wave clearing (in no particular order):

Sabers – Arturia, Mordred, Altera, Arthur, Arturia Alter, Gawain

Lancer – Arturia (Lancer), Arturia Alter (Lancer), Karna

Archer – Gilgamesh, Tesla, Ishtar, Emiya

Rider – Drake, Iskandar, Mordred (Rider)

Assassin – Cleopatra, Shuten Douji

Caster – DaVinci, Helena

Berserker – Raikou, Frankenstein, Tamamo Cat, Chacha

Feel free to add who strikes your fancy and get a feel for what each servant brings to the fight. I’d recommend you prioritize getting at least a high-level Waver and getting a reliable Berserker DPS to carry you through the earlier fights.

Raising servant levels

Leveling your servants is the most direct way of increasing their overall damage and survivability. As you go through the story, you’ll notice that enemies will sometimes drop an EXP card. As of this writing there are four ranks for EXP cards with the 4* gold card being the highest and most efficient to feed your servants. You cannot really depend on these dropping on story missions. This is why you will want to allocate some AP to completing the daily EXP quests.

These quests are available in 10, 20, 30, and 40AP nodes. While it’s most efficient to farm the 40AP node as by minimum it gives out seven 4* EXP cards and two 3* EXP cards, it will be out of your league during the start. Technically it is possible to overpower the node with a high level berserker, but just be wary that RNG can screw you at a moment’s notice.

Take note that you want to feed your servant 20 cards at a time to optimize your QP. The higher level a servant is, the more QP you need to level him up.

Get a high level Berserker support servant and take your team to the 30AP node. This node gives out silver 3* EXP cards and one guaranteed gold 4* card. It would also help if you raised your servants a few levels so they don’t die right away. Take note what class drops are available for the day but don’t hesitate to use non-matching EXP cards to level your servants. It matters more when you’re further into the game.

Once you have raised one of your servants to a decent level, you might be able to tackle on the 40AP quest as long as you bring a good SSR servant that can carry you. Be mindful of bringing berserkers as there are times RNG will hate you and the enemy AI decides to pile on crits on your support.

Eventually, you will level your servants to a specific cap. R servants has that cap at level 30. When you hit that cap, you will need to “ascend” them. To do this requires QP and specific materials for that servant. This increases their level cap by 10, and gives them access to a new skill on their 1st and 3rd ascension (except for a few servants). A servant can be ascended up to four times. For early progression, you will want to aim to ascend your servant at least once to get access to their 2nd skill.

Getting the materials for ascension is a grueling process as the usual way to get these is via events or the items daily quests that will depend on what class is available for the day. For your first few ascensions though, it will be a bit easier as some story missions drop materials that you would be able to use. A lot of times as well during events, you can buy materials from the event shop (more on events later).

Raising servant skill levels

If you have played around you might have noticed that servant skills have levels themselves. To raise them requires QP and specific materials as well. You can only raise skills to a maximum of 10, and it is actually expensive and takes a long time to raise them to 10. If you are still progressing early, you do not have to worry about raising the skill levels too much. Raising them to level 4 is reasonable as it will start to require items that can be used for ascension when you want to level them to 5 and beyond. If you can spare the materials however, raising them to level 6 will reduce its cooldown by 1 turn (and another 1 turn at level 10). Also note that increasing skill levels is the biggest QP sink in the game once you start leveling anything past level 4.

The higher ranked servants will need more QP to level their skills. You might want to look into increasing the skills of your lower servants first. There is also a tendency for lower ranked servants to have actually decent skills. In F/GO, investing in lower ranked servants is not bad at all. They are cheap to strengthen and can be used to progress far.

To finally raise a servant’s skill to 10, you will need a rare material called Crystallized Lore. You can only get this material through events and the Rare Prism Shop. Beginning late into the game would not give you much to spare, so think about which servants to raise to 10.

Noble Phantasm

You can increase your servant’s Noble Phantasm level by going to the NP upgrade screen and feeding them a duplicate card. This is important and make sure you are in the right screen, and you’re feeding the right servant. Make sure you lock the servant cards you are actually using to prevent accidents.

NP level directly translates to higher damage or higher effects for non-damaging NPs. The maximum NP level is 5 and each increase in level increases the damage in diminishing returns. Your maximum NP gauge is also increased to 200% after leveling your NP at least once, and a full 300% gauge at level 5. Using your NP will deplete your whole gauge regardless of how much it is filled. However, an NP Overcharge is in effect if you meet any of the following criteria: your NP gauge is 200% or above, or your NP is 2nd or 3rd in a chain of NPs. Overcharging increases the secondary effect of a NP (sometimes this translates directly into damage).

Increasing NP level however requires QP, and it is higher for higher rarity servants. Given that, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to increase someone’s NP level. If you are lacking QP to upgrade someone’s NP, just keep the duplicate copy for the meantime (maybe store it in the Second Archive).

Fou Cards

Aside from EXP cards, we can also get Fou cards which can be used to directly increase a servant’s HP and ATK stat. You can only increase one servant’s stat to a maximum of 990. Note that that QP required to feed servants these cards is higher at higher servant levels so consider feeding them at a low level. You can get these cards from the friend point gacha randomly, or the mana prism shop (maximum of 20 of each card monthly). They are also usually available during events. Fou cards also increase stats differently based on its rank. The highest one, which is a 3* silver, will increase the stat by 50. The lowest will only increase it by 10.

You will want to feed the servants you use the most with Fou cards as the stat bonuses matter. For the early game, feel free to feed them Fous you come across whether it’s a gift or something your rolled from the gacha.

Craft Essences

When you roll on the gacha, you will also get a lot of these. These are your other weapons aside from servants. Your choice of craft essence can make or break your team composition. Make sure you check out the craft essence list if you don’t understand Japanese and note which ones are good. You will also see what craft essences are mostly used via the supports you pick.

Choosing your craft essence

The default for choosing CEs is to choose something that directly increases the equipped servant’s damage. This could mean choosing Red Black Keys on Heracles so his Buster cards get 8% more damage, or giving Medea the Dragonkin CE because she can spam her NP a lot. When choosing an offensive CE for a servant, you want to choose something that complements their strength.

Rarely you will choose a defensive CE as the early game meta is “kill everything as fast as possible”. Defensive CEs will be more relevant in the late game.

Keep in mind as well that CEs have costs themselves so you can’t have a team of high rarity servants with high rarity CEs at a low level. You might want to check some lower rarity CEs, or you might want to use strong CEs on your low rarity servants. It actually makes a big difference!

As you progress towards the end-game, you will use a lot more specific CEs like ones with starting NP gauge, NP-gain, critical star focus, etc.

Leveling CEs

You can also level your craft essences and this translates to higher HP or ATK bonuses for the equipped servant. If you feed your CEs a duplicate of itself, its maximum level will also be increased and in effect will be “ascended”. If you manage to ascend it 4 times (total of five copies of the same CE, four to feed the first one), you will “Limit Break” the CE effectively increasing its effect.

Leveling CEs to cap takes a long time, and a lot of fodder craft essences. It is also expensive, so do not bother with these until much later in the game. A respectable CE level is around 20, but don’t mind it too much for now.

There is a way to level CE’s cheaply which is making “EXP bombs”. Basically, you need to limit break a 1* CE and level it to 50. This particular CE will then be used to level a higher ranked CE along with other EXP bombs in a one big go while paying the cheapest QP.

Ascending CEs

First off, you can increase a CE’s level cap by feeding them a duplicate card. It takes a total of 4 duplicate cards to raise them to their maximum cap. Doing so increases the CE’s effect (a.k.a. limit breaking).

There will be times that you might ask yourself if you want to feed a duplicate CE to ascend one. Usually, you’ll want to do that to keep your free slots in check. However, you will want to ask yourself first if “will there be a situation where I’ll want to equip multiple copies?”. If you are lucky enough to get two or more Kaleidoscopes (a CE that sets your initial NP gauge to 80%), it is more beneficial to keep those two separate. Weigh your options first before feeding that duplicate.

There are some CEs you want to limit break asap however. At a low level, the Leyline CE is more useful when limit broken as it gives out 50% initial starting CE compare to the non-limit broken 30%. 3* CEs in general are easier to limit break anyway.

Team Composition

This is a completely different topic overall to be honest, but I have chosen to address it as it is helpful in progression.

Factors to keep in mind

There are multiple parts in a team composition. Whichever archetype you are using, you will want to aim for the best you can in those parts.

Class advantage/disadvantage

This is the very first factor you should consider when creating a team. You should remember that no one team fits all (I will talk about the ultra-stall team later). Most of the nodes give you a preview of what classes you will face so you can make that your basis of what classes to use when creating a team.

Servant Role

Different servants fulfill different roles. Make sure the servants you choose complement each other as much as possible and is the best one you can provide for the current quest. A short fight wants hard-hitting servants. A long fight needs a supportive servant that can make you last the turns.

Servant levels and skill levels

Your servants should match or be at a higher level than the recommended for the quest. You can be a little bit lower if you have the class advantage. Your servant levels translate directly to damage and their survivability so take note of that.

Craft essence

Choosing the correct CE to complement your party is important. If the fights are short, then starting NP CE’s might be better. If it’s long then do you want sustained damage, survivability, or a specific niche like invulnerability pierce? The fight will also dictate the best CE to use.

The backline

There will be fights where losing your servants is inevitable. This is where your backline comes in. If you are sure you are going to lose servants in a specific fight, make sure you have also formed your backline and decide what each of the servants will do. Your backline might also be your subs for the Chaldea Battle Suit mystic code.

Despite all of these factors, most of the time you will not know what fight you are getting into. Unless you look up guides to ultimately prepare for some fights, you are going to build a team that will try and cover their weaknesses or end the fight quickly.

Common team patterns

For the purpose of this guide, here are the usual archetypes used by players. If you feel like there are corrections, feel free to inform me:

Pure Buster-DPS Team

Good for: Generally good for the early stages of progression and short fights.
Bad for: Long fights with high-HP enemies or AoE hitting enemies.
Composition: three Buster-based DPS servants in the frontline. Usually berserkers for class advantage.
Recommended CEs: Limited / Zero Over, First Sunrise, Joint Recital, Victor of the Moon, Green Cacophony, Mystic Eyes of Distortion, CEs that increase Buster Card performance
Notable Servants: Kintoki, Cu Chulainn Alter, Heracles, Hijikata, Raikou, Jeanne Alter
Strategy: Always do Buster Chains when you can.

Sustained DPS Team

Good for: Generally long fights and end-game.
Bad for: Enemies with a lot of burst damage like criticals and short NP gauges
Composition: Merlin, Waver/Mashu, Tank, Buster-based DPS servant
Recommended CEs: Limited / Zero Over, Prisma Cosmos, Halloween Petit Devil, NP-gain CE for the supports and damage CE for the DPS
Notable Servants: Jeanne Alter, Kintoki, Cu Chulainn Alter, Heracles, Ibaraki, D’eon, Leonidas
Strategy: Get Merlin to NP as soon as possible. Waver/Mashu provides defense. Your DPS will be doing burst damage everytime the NP gauge fills. Try to spam Merlin’s NP to gain more NP gauge and HP regen per turn. If you don’t have Merlin/Waver, then you’re trying to draw enmity away from your main DPS and let the tank handle the damage.

NP Nuke Team

Good for: Short to medium length fights, farming
Bad for: Fights with hard-hitting enemies. 1-wave fights if you can’t build NP within a few turns.
Composition: Servants with 2-3 Arts cards. Can increase NP gauge via skills.
Recommended CEs: Kaleidoscope, 50% starting NP gauge CEs, NP-gain up CEs, NP damage up CEs
Notable Servants: Waver, most casters, Drake, Ozymandias, Helena
Strategy: Build NP gauge for the first few turns and save NP for the final enemy in one big burst. Depending on the enemy, the servants can either have a mix of single target or AoE.

NP Spam Team

Good for: Medium to long fights
Bad for: Short fights
Composition: Servants heavy in Arts.
Recommended CEs: Cute Orangette, As You Wish, Divine Banquet, Formalcraft, NP-gain up CEs
Notable Servants: Most casters, Arturia (Archer), Vlad III, Emiya, Martha, Mordred (Rider), Medea, Euryale
Strategy: build NP gauge by doing Arts chains. NPs are usually chained with other Arts cards to keep building and spamming.

Stall Team

Good for: Long fights
Bad for: AoE damage enemies, your time
Composition: Merlin/Waver/Mashu, Arts servants with debuffs, tanky servants
Recommended CEs: NP-gain up, Prisma Cosmos, Arts-up CEs.
Notable Servants: Merlin, Waver, Mashu, Tamamo, Medea Lily, Hans, Asterios
Strategy: Similar to the Sustained DPS Team, only that you don’t have a major source of DPS (unless you use Asterios). The aim is to slowly chip away from the enemy HP while keeping yourself alive. Merlin/Waver/Mashu is the ultimate stall team and the most boring of them all. The only thing that can kill you is a well-placed focused crit.

Crit Focus Team

Good for: most fights
Bad for: long fights
Composition: Servants with high star generation, servants that can passively generate stars, servants with high star weights and crit damage.
Recommended CEs: 2030, Talk on the Heated Sands, Sealing Designation Enforcer, Critical damage CEs
Notable Servants: Waver, Lancelot (both classes), Raikou, Jack the Ripper, Okita, Hijikata, Emiya
Strategy: The team best works with just one high-star weight servant and the other two can passively generate stars via 2030 CE or via their skills. It also works by doing Quick chains every turn when it is available but it is less reliable. Theoretically, crit team is the best you can do but RNG prevents that from happening.

If your team doesn’t fit any of the criteria above, this is because your team is made up of:

  1. The best servants you can provide; or
  2. Servants that fit a common theme; or
  3. Servants with specific strengths that complement each other.; or
  4. Your favorite servants.

I won’t fault you for using #1 as the gacha is evil and not everyone has a lot of options. #2 are teams like Eli/Eli/Eli or Red Capes fit in. These teams are purely for fun, although sometimes they actually make a good team for some fights. #3 is where teams like Jeanne/Elizabeth/Artoria or Stheno/Orion/Gil falls in because they have specific skills to increase the power of other servants. I might be missing other kinds of teams as well, but that’s because there really is no hard rule to follow when making teams to tackle content. The most important thing is that your team should be able to perform what you want. If it is farming, then it should be as efficient as you can make it to be. If it’s an Arts team aiming to NP, then it should be able to increase its NP gauge quickly.


You might come across events when starting out on this game. Unfortunately, not all events can be participated on. Its difficulty can usually be determined by its prerequisite of clearing a specific Order (story location). If it has no prerequisite other than the Fuyuki order (Prologue), then it is an event you can surely participate on.

Keep in mind however that at low levels, you will not have access to the higher difficulty nodes where farming is most efficient. This means you won’t be able to collect everything in the shop available at the time. Always keep on the lookout for guides made by the community for specific events and how to maximize your farming.

It is also recommended to prioritize specific items available from the event shop. Here is a personal rule to follow on what to prioritize during the event:

  1. Event CE’s to help you get more points or event currency.
  2. Ascension materials for the welfare servant if any.
  3. Fou cards. They are limited cards and not too hard to farm for.
  4. Materials. Prioritize the ones that you will use (ascending servants or using in skill ups)
  5. Mana Prisms if any.
  6. EXP Cards. It’s cheap when compared to farming the daily quest. You can also either use the silver cards, or burn them for mana prisms.
  7. Everything else.

Note that I wouldn’t recommend to grind specifically for QP as the reward for AP spent is not good when compared to the QP daily. You can spend excess event currency for QP though.

I highly recommend participating in an event if you can, specially if one of the rewards is a free SR servant. Usually, even newbies can get the free servant. Only the duplicate copies to increase NP levels are gated by the difficulty. Events also present an opportunity to speed up your progression as material drop rates are higher in these quests.


To progress through the game, you will need to spend resources. We have already covered EXP cards, Fou cards, and ascension materials. There are a few more things that I will touch upon for progression’s purpose.

Mana Prism Shop

The shop houses some useful items that we acquire and most of them refresh every month. The most notable monthly items in the shop are the Fou cards (20 of each ATK and HP cards), and the Summoning Tickets (5x). You will want to buy both of those items if you can. If you can spare mana prisms, then the EXP cards might be ok. Be reminded though that they are not too efficient for their price.

Sometimes there will be a limited CE available in the shop which is available for 1000 mana prisms for each copy. It is available for quite some time so if it’s a useful CE, you might want to buy all 5 copies of it. For the record, the CE’s that increase QP and Bond exp were sold from the mana prism shop.

Rare Prism Shop

The rare prism shop is something you won’t bother to use unless you have somehow burned a gold servant before. The notable items in this shop are past CE’s that were sold in the Mana Prism shop. Take note that you would be buying the right to buy the CE from the mana prism shop and not immediately acquiring it.

You can also buy a Crystallized Lore from this shop and it refreshes every once in a while. Some old promotional CE’s are also available.

For the record you cannot gain a rare prism from burning welfare servants.

Command Seals

Command Seals are another resource that you would want to utilize for progression. There will be times that you won’t be able to clear a specific quest due to being underpowered. Command Seals might be the tools you need to overcome that.

You can do three things with command seals: heal a servant to full health, increase a servant’s NP gauge by 100%, or use all three as a party revive skill with full NP gauge upon wipe.

Which option to use needs deliberation. If you think you can clear the quest with just an extra NP or two, then definitely do that. A recover might also be good if you just need one more turn to survive. Doing the three-seal option is a last resort, and only do it if you’re sure you can finish the fight with the extra health and NP gauges.

One seal refreshes every 12AM JST (GMT+9), so they are a very valuable resource. Only use it if you are sure of what you are doing.


If you have finished some events before you might have gotten a mix of different apples. There are three kinds: bronze, silver, and gold; and they all restore different amounts of AP each. The bronze ones restore 10AP, the silver restores half of your max AP, and the gold one restores a full AP gauge accounting for overflow.

They are very valuable and limited. It is recommended to only use apples during events so you have a chance to clear out the event shop should you desire. I would also recommend using them for farming if the corresponding quests is currently discounted to make the most of of them.

At present, you can only acquire apples from events and gifts.


Quartz is the premium currency of the game and the currency you’ll be using to acquire more servants and CEs. You can get a limited amount from playing the game through story quests, free quests, and some event quests. There is also quartz you can gain from daily rewards, weekly master missions, and veteran rewards (first 50 days, and every 50 days onwards).

Aside from using it in the gacha, you can use 1 quartz to do the equivalent of three command seals (party revive with NP), as well as restoring one gauge’s worth of AP similar to a golden apple. This being said, you can actually use quartz to progress by being able to play more or muscling your way through a hard fight.

Initial Progression (Fuyuki to Septem)

When starting out, you will want to form a team that can clear story missions as fast as possible with the help of high level supports. This allows us to gather quartz to roll on the gacha. Do not forget to clear Free Quests that become available after finishing the story quest for a node as those provide quartz for a reward.

At this point, I would like to mention a specific Free Quest in Fuyuki featuring a shadow Heracles. Unless you have a very strong support, don’t try this one yet.

When starting, try to take note of how much master EXP you are getting. You want to try and level up only when you’ve almost depleted your AP so you can efficiently have more AP. You refill your AP bar when you level up. This isn’t as important as it was before since AP now overflows. However, when your AP is full or above, you don’t regenerate AP. This is effectively a loss of AP if you’re trying to spend as much as you can.

Also, try not to level up more than once after a fight. This effectively loses you a full bar of AP per extra level gained as you only refill one bar’s worth of AP when you level up after a fight regardless of how many levels you gained. FYI, daily quests and event quests give out more master exp than early story and free quests.

Do not roll on the Story Gacha unless there’s a rate up for the servant you want. The story gacha is highly varied and most of the story-locked servants aren’t available anyway in the early game. Wait for rate-up gachas and check if you want the servant featured before rolling.

You should have a clear understanding of how battles in F/GO flow when doing the early orders. While battles might go too fast if you have a strong support, it might be worthwhile to go in a battle with just the recommended level and see how your servants perform.

Daily Quests

Clear the easier daily quests to stock up on mana prisms. Mana prisms can be used to buy Fous, EXP cards, and Summoning Tickets from the mana prism shop. You should be able to clear the 30AP EXP daily with a good support servant.

You can clear the 40AP QP quest with a good rider support like Drake, but at this point you will not be spending enough QP to deplete your stock. I’d recommend to at least clear this quest once per day for the mana prisms and extra QP for the future.

Servant Progression

Do not neglect Mashu (your first servant) as she has very decent skills for a 3* and becomes something else late game. Her ascension is gated by the story, so just try to keep her level as high as you can spare materials for her. You do want to prioritize your gold servant before her as Mashu’s real potential is only unlocked late game.

You would want to ascend your most used servants at least once to get their 2nd skill. Try and aim to get their skills to level 4. Anything past that will require ascension materials and they are best saved for ascending other servants for now.

Middle Game (Okeanos to America)

This is where the difficulty of the game starts to go up considerably. You will mostly be using multiple SRs or good Rs. There are notable 2*s that can fight even without their strengthening quests. You should have a good pool of craft essences as well that covers most needs like starting NP gauge, card bonuses, or a combination of both.

Your team will stray away from fully offensive to a team where it can sustain longer fights. Usually this means 1-2 DPS servants with a support. Using berserkers now requires some thought as they can go down too quickly without preparation.

You’ll also have wider access to the nodes in an event except for the hard ones. Always try to push which nodes you can try and complete.

Mystic Codes

At this point, you might want to try to acquire the other Mystic Codes available by completing a series of quests. The three different Mystic Codes each have their own good and bad points.

Mage’s Association Uniform

This is what I would say is the most beginner-friendly mystic code of the three. The skills are increase NP gauge, party heal, and reshuffle cards. This is better for farming specially if you have a starting NP gauge CE equipped. Towards the late game however, I find that this mystic code sees less use.

Atlas Academy Uniform

A unique mystic code that can reduce a target servant’s skills CD by 2 turns. Also gives a invulnerable buff like the default mystic code and a debuff cleanse. Very useful on support servants that give buffs so they would be available immediately.

Chaldea Battle Suit

A very offense-oriented mystic code that opens up other strategies by allowing you to switch servants from the backline to the frontline. However, the only defensive skill of this mystic code is to stun a target and it won’t always hit. The attack buff is also party-wide, so it is good for burst turns. Note that this mystic code is treated as an “expert” level mystic code it requires to have a certain kind of team setup to get the most out of it.

There are other mystic codes available but can only be gotten through events or the rare prism shop. Don’t bother getting them unless they become available as a quest. Also note that the three mentioned above take a whole ton of master EXP to fully level to 10 so think about the time you need to invest if you want to level it. Don’t hesitate to switch depending on what you need.

Daily Quests

At this point, you should have little to no problem clearing the 40AP EXP quest. You should farm this regularly to increase the levels of your most used servants. You might want to burn the silver cards for mana prisms to build a stock for the monthly mana prism shop restock.

You might still have difficulties in clearing the 40AP item quest. It’s possible to complete it with a good support servant. The boss servant for each class never changes anyway so you should be prepared who to bring. An example is always bringing a support Scathach in the Archer item daily as Gilgamesh has the divine trait and Scathach’s third skill increases her damage against divine-traited servants.

You might want to regularly clear the QP daily now since you will be starting to use up your QP more often. Again, do it at least once a day for the 4 mana prisms and a good amount of QP.

Servant Progression

Mashu might be a little bit outclassed at this point as her progression is gated by the story. However, don’t forget to level her up in preparation for her next stages. She is still useful as a defensive servant. Try to level her skills if you can, taking note which materials are not immediately needed by your other servants to ascend.

Start to complete the interludes for your servants if they are available. Check the suggested level for a quest before taking it so you won’t get surprised and suddenly curbstomped. Aim to ascend your servants to their third ascension to get their last skill if they are available (some older servants need to complete a strengthening quest to get their third skill). If you can level your skills to 6 without much impact to your material stock, then do it. Make sure those skills are the important ones though.

Late Game (Camelot to Final Singularity)

Everyone knows Camelot is the big noob-wall because everything just hits hard. If you have blitzed through the previous orders being carried by a strong support without putting much thought into it, you will definitely get your ass handed back to you in this order. Fortunately the overall difficulty drops a little bit on Babylon and Final Singularity.

Your teams will now be diverse and you have more access to CEs since you have a higher cost capacity overall. Support Wavers and Merlin will start to show their strengths in keeping the party up on long fights. You should be able to set up nuke turns as well with more skills available. Interludes should be completed as they are made available specially if it’s an NP or skill upgrade interlude. Strengthening quests are treated the same way.

You should be aiming to buy as much as you can from event shops. The only reason you shouldn’t is if you don’t have enough Golden Apples to spare to clear it out. The only nodes you might have problems with are the challenge nodes, but those are designed to be challenging even for late-game anyway.

Daily Quests

At this point, you shouldn’t have any more trouble with completing any daily quest. Instead, try to create a team that can efficiently farm them. If you’re not actively trying to level a servant, do the QP quest if you can. You will need a lot of QP to level up your servant skills.

Servant Progression

Definitely raise Mashu to as high as you can during this period. She can be a vital member to your main team. If you have her on the backline, try to get the Chaldea Battle Suit mystic code so you can swap her in and tank a single target NP. Her usefulness goes through the roof in this stage and onwards. Getting her to 10/10/10 in skills is also recommended if you can spare the materials.

You should have your third skills for your main servants and that means getting to their third ascensions. If you are lucky with materials, some of them might be on their final ascensions. If you have those servants fully ascended, check if they have strengthening quests as it makes them way better and sometimes good choices over SSR servants depending on the situation. A good example and one usually suggested is Euryale. A majority of Camelot enemies are male sabers and Euryale has an anti-male NP. If you can get her strengthening quest, she gains access to her third skill as well which further increases her damage.

This is also a good point to try and raise your servants’ skills to at least 6 to reduce their cooldowns. Try bringing them up to 10 if you can spare the materials and QP. Do your research before raising them though since they take up a lot of precious resources. If you are doing this out of your love for the servant however, then don’t hesitate to do it.


At this point, some of your servants might already be maxed out so you might want to consider Palingenesis, otherwise known as Grail Ascension. This allows you to use a Holy Grail to increase the maximum level of your servant. Holy Grails are incredibly rare, as you only get them when you complete an Order or during specific events. It is important to really be sure who you want to grail ascend. It is also very, very expensive QP-wise.

As a general rule, you want to grail ascend your favorite servants. The stats gained from grail ascension is not that significant. If anything, it is most efficient to grail ascend the lower rarity servants since their stats give them a little bit more survivability on higher level quests.

If you want to grail ascend based on gameplay efficiency, I would say their best use is to grail ascend SRs to level 90. You only need 2 grails for that and you give them enough of a boost to rival SSRs. Grailing Cu Chulainn to 90 is also not a bad choice. Grailing someone to 100 for the sole reason of increasing stats is IMO a bad decision since it takes 5 grails just to go from 90 to 100.

tl;dr Grail for love, not for stats.

Post Part 1 (Epic of Remnant and onwards)

If you have gotten to Epic of Remnant, then you should have a very good idea of how the fights go on higher levels. That or you have abused Waver-Merlin stall teams. We can’t complain though as it is a very effective team. Take note that DW has somehow, soft-countered this team by making bosses hit harder and giving them multiple HP bars. I only say soft-countered because most of the time you still live anyway with proper preparation.

Some events are also gated by completing Final Singularity, so you definitely want to get to this point as soon as you can.

If you have reached this point and haven’t had much difficulty in completing events, then you could safely say you are in the end-game. It is worthwhile to look at different strategies employed by other players when completing challenge quests. Being also familiar with servant abilities is good as some servants have their own niches they excel at.

Daily Quests

At this point, you are only doing dailies to farm specific things. EXP, QP, materials, or bond points. Grinding Bond Points might be worthwhile as some servants have excellent Bond CEs (Heracles’ CE is a very good one). Always look into which quests are the best for farming materials needed by your servants.

Servant Progression

I had Mashu maxed out to 10/10/10 skills at this point so if you have enough spare materials to do that, I would recommend doing so. Her kit at this point and having 0 cost to put in your team makes her a top-tier servant. I also had some feedback that leveling Mashu isn’t required to progress, which is true. However, raising her is cheaper compared to other servants and she performs as a very good support unit on the harder fights of the game. Please do consider maxing her out from this point onward.

At this point, your most used servants should be at their final ascensions and important skills maxed if they are not already. You can be a little bit more lenient with the skills as those take a ton of QP and materials to max out. You might want to start raising some of your other servants that can fill a niche should you get bored of farming dailies or bonds.


  • Is this a pay-to-win game?

    No. You can complete the game without getting SRs or SSRs ever. The difficulty is only reduced if you get gold servants. The game does not also have a PvP mechanic, so you can’t really “pay-to-win”.

    However, I would say this game has a “pay-to-enjoy-more” model as a player might want to get his favorite servants to enjoy the game.

  • I bought quartz, got many SSRs and still getting my ass kicked!

    See the question above. This is not a P2W game. The strength of your team is also gated by your current Master Level, which means you can’t use multiple SSRs on the get go.

    So you really have no choice but to “git gud”. As you progress, you will be able to take advantage of stronger servants.

  • This game has an abysmally low gacha rate!

    The published rates are 1% for SSRs, 3% for SRs, 4% for SSR CE’s and 12% for SR CE’s. It is low indeed, so I’d advise you to keep away from this game if that fact prevents you from enjoying it.

  • How do I get quartz without spending real money?

    Story missions and Free Quests reward quartz. You can also get quartz from specific servant missions called “Interludes”. You also get them from daily login bonuses, gifts from milestones, compensation from maintenance time, and event rewards.

    Further into the game, you can also get some by leveling the bond of your 3* or higher servants past bond level 5. Completing all 7 weekly missions will also net you 2 quartz.

    For your first 50 days, you will get a bonus of 8 quartz. Every succeeding 50 days will give you a bonus of 20 quartz.

  • Is it worth rolling for <insert servant>?

    That depends on you and your style of playing the game. Do you like cool-looking servants and you want to try and get the current rate-up servant? Go for it! Is it your favorite servant? I don’t see why not? Are you a min-maxer and only want the top-performers? I guess you should wait for other players’ reviews and decide from there.

    There are some tier lists that are available in the internet but be reminded that they are not the final word on who is worth getting. If you are worried that the servant you love is a low-tier one, don’t be.

  • Why is <servant> a girl? This is historically inaccurate.

    You’ll have to speak to Nasu Takeuchi about that.

  • How can I get <limited servant>?

    There are some servants that are not available from the usual event or story gacha. These are called limited servants and they are only available at specific events or when there is a rate-up for that servant.

    If a servant you particularly like is a limited servant, it might be worth saving your quartz and summoning tickets for the time he or she is available. Be reminded however that there is no guarantee when they will be available. Take note of announcements, upcoming events, and when the last time that servant was available.

  • I rolled on a rate-up and I didn’t get anything! I thought the SSR rates were increased?

    A rate-up might be understood. A rate-up is basically an increased chance to get specific servants, if you manage to hit to roll a SR or SSR in the first place.

    Let’s say that Emiya is currently a rate-up SR servant. When you roll on the gacha, it checks what card you will get. If you manage to roll an SR (3% chance), then it will decide which SR you got from its current pool. Emiya has a high chance of being picked because he is currently on the rate up. The actual values have not been published however, so there’s still a chance you won’t get Emiya but a different SR instead.

  • The rate-up is a lie!

    Yes it is. Yes it is.

  • There is this 5* guaranteed gacha. What is it and should I go for it?

    This is a special gacha that only appeared during New Year’s and the 1st anniversary as of this writing. It gives you one guaranteed SSR servant when you do the roll. The last iteration of this gacha was the classes have their own separate gacha (with Ruler joining the Assassin class), and you can only roll once for the duration of the event. If you’re going for it, make sure you weigh your options and roll on the class where the servant you want is available.

    If you have cash to spare, then I’d recommend you go for it. Take note that the gacha wants 30 “purchased quartz” to roll on it. This means buying the 65-quartz pack or a combination of 36+5+1 at the minimum.

  • I came from Granblue Fantasy. What are the differences?

    A lot actually. First of all, F/GO is way easier. Second, your party makeup is recommended to take advantage of the class triangles. GBF revolves around the weapon grid. F/GO revolves around servant strengths and weaknesses. There are many to list, but I’d recommend perusing the basic guide I linked on top of this page.

    With regards to progression, the only things you will farm for are EXP cards, ascension materials and QP (bond points if you have nothing else). Farming in general is more relaxed compared to Granblue.

  • How long does it take to get to end game?

    Not too long. Assuming you can use up your AP most efficiently and you know what you are doing, it would probably take a few weeks to catch up, specially if you abuse OP supports. It is also a different story if you have an account with a stock of Golden Apples.

  • Which servant should I strengthen first?

    If you can ignore favorites for a moment, then I would recommend raising a servant that can cover a lot of situations for the early game. Similar to finding supports, I would recommend raising an offensive servant for the early parts of the game. If you have an obvious powerhouse support like Waver, then don’t hesitate to raise him.

    It is also worthwhile to check which servants can keep themselves or others alive (Guts, Dodge, defensive skills) as they will be saving you from dire situations at any point in the game.


  • AoE

    Area of Effect. This just means it hits everyone.

  • CE

    Craft Essence

  • DPS

    Damage per second. Has been used to refer to damage-oriented characters.

  • NP

    Noble Phantasm

  • SR

    Super Rare. a.k.a. 4*

  • SSR

    Super Super Rare. a.k.a. 5*



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