Upcoming site updates

I’m still alive, barely.

I’ve been caught up with the Granblue grind, and I’ve been playing FGO at the bare minimum until next event. This recent event has been generous with time as it allowed me to clean up shop except for all those monuments and pieces I won’t need for the meantime. The event just finished yesterday, and also my hopes for drawing Meltlilith. Almost 400 quartz down the drain.

I did get Passionlip to NP5 though.

As FGO US has recently launched a Facebook campaign, we are nearing the official launch of the English release. I’ll be putting up a separate beginner’s guide depending on what servants would be available on English release so watch out for that.

On other news, FGO is now holding its 9 million downloads campaign. Login for 7 days to get good rewards such as a summon ticket everyday. Upgrading servants and craft essences will also have a doubled rate of getting Great or Super Success so this is the time to feed all those EXP fodder. Next week, Master Missions will give 4 quartz fragments each. So if you complete everything, you’ll get 4 quartz total. There will also be a special gacha pick up for this week featuring Ishtar and Quetzacoatl. Check the banners for who is currently on the rate up for the day.

We are also getting new strengthening quests for this upcoming week. All of these quests are half AP on the duration of the 9M downloads campaign. We already have our first servant revealed which is Billy the Kid.

On the topic of strengthening servants, Helena, Vlad III, Jeanne, and Brynhilde got new interludes which upgraded their NPs (Vlad got a skill upgrade).

And lastly, we have new hunting quests for this week. Get back to farming if you don’t have enough materials!