Monthly Archives: May 2017

Rashoumon Rerun and Game Updates

We have our next event down the line. The Rashoumon event will be re-run with a few changes. You can click here for a full translation of the event details courtesy of /u/taiboo of the /r/grandorder subreddit. The biggest news here is being able to upgrade our servants via Fou cards to 2000 now. As […]

Upcoming site updates

I’m still alive, barely. I’ve been caught up with the Granblue grind, and I’ve been playing FGO at the bare minimum until next event. This recent event has been generous with time as it allowed me to clean up shop except for all those monuments and pieces I won’t need for the meantime. The event […]

Fate/Extra CCC Collaboration Event Spreadsheet

There is currently a WIP Spreadsheet provided by /u/NaoyaKiriyama from the F/GO subreddit for the CCC event. It is currently a WIP since the event is ongoing and most of the event nodes haven’t been revealed. Make sure to bookmark it and thank the author if you can. Fate/Extra CCC Collaboration Event Spreadsheet In other […]