Fate/EXTRA CCC Stream Information

Here are the released information from the stream.

  • The story for the event is going to be big. It was written by Kinoku Nasu.
  • New class: Moon Cancer. Strong against Avenger. Weak against Ruler.
  • New class: Alter Ego. Strong against cavalry. Weak against Knights.
  • Servants confirmed for CCC event:
    • BB (SR Moon Cancer)
    • Passionlip (SR Alter Ego)
    • Suzuka Gozen (SR Saber)
    • Meltlilith (SSR Alter Ego)
  • BB has BQQAA card set with Arts NP. First skill is a max HP increase with heal.
  • Event runs from May 1, 2017 7PM Japan time to May 17, 2017 1PM Japan time.
  • Gacha pickup are Passionlip, Suzuka Gozen, and Meltlilith.
  • New craft essences to go along with the event.
  • 1/2 AP for Main Quests will run until the end of the CCC event.
  • The CCC Mystic Codes are available until the end of the CCC event.
  • My Room will have the CCC design until the end of the CCC event.
  • Elizabeth Bathory and Robin Hood animation renewal.
  • Website for 2nd Anniversary: http://fes.fate-go.jp/

Here are the new Noble Phantasms:

Update: Full information has been released from the official website. It is in Japanese so I will look around for translations.