Project Hiatus

Click here for the progression guide.

The NA launch happened a week ago and I haven’t put out an update for the guide. I will have to put that on hold due to other things that need my attention. I apologize for that and I am sure there are a lot of other guides out there at the moment. If anything, it is highly likely I’ll continue this when we get more chapters out in NA. I will still leave the original progression guide for the JP version and it is somewhat usable for NA despite missing a lot from the JP servant pool right now.

Also, I’m turning off the comments (if anyone would have actually noticed that) since the only ones bothering me are spambots.

Until then I’ll just keep this site up for anyone who wants to peruse the guide. Thank you very much and may the RNG favor your rolls.

I’ve been busy

Mainly busy with other games, with GBF and Stormblood. I would post the news about Epic of Remnant p2 here but we only have a preliminary announcement so far.

The NA release is also coming in a couple of days. I’ll be checking out what the status of the release is before getting to work on the EN progression guide. Again, this is just a notice to let you guys know I’m still alive.

Rashoumon Rerun and Game Updates

We have our next event down the line.

The Rashoumon event will be re-run with a few changes. You can click here for a full translation of the event details courtesy of /u/taiboo of the /r/grandorder subreddit.

The biggest news here is being able to upgrade our servants via Fou cards to 2000 now. As such the guide will be updated to reflect that.

Another thing of note is this screenshot:

Looks like Kintoki will be getting an animation update. Hopefully it includes his NP.

Upcoming site updates

I’m still alive, barely.

I’ve been caught up with the Granblue grind, and I’ve been playing FGO at the bare minimum until next event. This recent event has been generous with time as it allowed me to clean up shop except for all those monuments and pieces I won’t need for the meantime. The event just finished yesterday, and also my hopes for drawing Meltlilith. Almost 400 quartz down the drain.

I did get Passionlip to NP5 though.

As FGO US has recently launched a Facebook campaign, we are nearing the official launch of the English release. I’ll be putting up a separate beginner’s guide depending on what servants would be available on English release so watch out for that.

On other news, FGO is now holding its 9 million downloads campaign. Login for 7 days to get good rewards such as a summon ticket everyday. Upgrading servants and craft essences will also have a doubled rate of getting Great or Super Success so this is the time to feed all those EXP fodder. Next week, Master Missions will give 4 quartz fragments each. So if you complete everything, you’ll get 4 quartz total. There will also be a special gacha pick up for this week featuring Ishtar and Quetzacoatl. Check the banners for who is currently on the rate up for the day.

We are also getting new strengthening quests for this upcoming week. All of these quests are half AP on the duration of the 9M downloads campaign. We already have our first servant revealed which is Billy the Kid.

On the topic of strengthening servants, Helena, Vlad III, Jeanne, and Brynhilde got new interludes which upgraded their NPs (Vlad got a skill upgrade).

And lastly, we have new hunting quests for this week. Get back to farming if you don’t have enough materials!

Fate/Extra CCC Collaboration Event Spreadsheet

There is currently a WIP Spreadsheet provided by /u/NaoyaKiriyama from the F/GO subreddit for the CCC event. It is currently a WIP since the event is ongoing and most of the event nodes haven’t been revealed. Make sure to bookmark it and thank the author if you can.

Fate/Extra CCC Collaboration Event Spreadsheet

In other news, the stream last night wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be. I really do need a better internet connection to avoid the frame drops. I’ll stick to recordings for the meantime. I will also be doing another batch of rolls for Meltlilith since I didn’t manage to get her.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Stream Information

Here are the released information from the stream.

  • The story for the event is going to be big. It was written by Kinoku Nasu.
  • New class: Moon Cancer. Strong against Avenger. Weak against Ruler.
  • New class: Alter Ego. Strong against cavalry. Weak against Knights.
  • Servants confirmed for CCC event:
    • BB (SR Moon Cancer)
    • Passionlip (SR Alter Ego)
    • Suzuka Gozen (SR Saber)
    • Meltlilith (SSR Alter Ego)
  • BB has BQQAA card set with Arts NP. First skill is a max HP increase with heal.
  • Event runs from May 1, 2017 7PM Japan time to May 17, 2017 1PM Japan time.
  • Gacha pickup are Passionlip, Suzuka Gozen, and Meltlilith.
  • New craft essences to go along with the event.
  • 1/2 AP for Main Quests will run until the end of the CCC event.
  • The CCC Mystic Codes are available until the end of the CCC event.
  • My Room will have the CCC design until the end of the CCC event.
  • Elizabeth Bathory and Robin Hood animation renewal.
  • Website for 2nd Anniversary:

Here are the new Noble Phantasms:

Update: Full information has been released from the official website. It is in Japanese so I will look around for translations.

Official Launch

The site is officially launching!

I have uploaded my first guide: The F/GO Progression Guide, so I hope you check it out. Wait, that’s why you’re here anyway right? In any case, Be sure to check it out. You can either click on the link on the menu or the link I posted just now. The website is still mostly a WIP so parts of the site might still be broken and I will still be changing a lot of areas.

If by any chance you are interested in looking for a spot to host your F/GO guide, then I’d be willing to give you one. For the meantime, you can email me at christenlanger [AT] You know what to do with that email link.

We have the Extra CCC coming in a few days. You can find all the details (in Japanese) by clicking on the banner above. I’ll be sure to link to a translation once it comes out. Also take note we will have a live stream as well on the 26th. It is only speculation right now, but the event might also start at the 26th after maintenance.

What we have confirmed so far is BB is a welfare servant, and you need to have completed the Final Singularity in order to participate in the event. If you haven’t, then get going! You wouldn’t want to miss this one.

The site will be launching.

We are just going to have a few more finishing touches before this officially launches. I’ll also upload my first guide as soon as I format it correctly.

For the meantime, stay salty.